Taming The Cougar, How To Subtly Attract An Older Woman

The word Cougar in a relationship generally means an older woman seeking a younger man, but sometimes, a younger man would also wish to hunt for an older woman. Most of the time, younger men feel incapable and incompetent when approaching older women. However, there are subtle ways to attract an older woman without even trying.

1. The eye to eye technique.
An older woman can easily be attracted to a younger man who can confidently look her in the eye. With all her worldly experiences, an older woman would love to be controlled and who can do this but a man who can show confidence and assurance even just in the way he looks at her.

2. The firm handshake technique.
When meeting an older woman, a firm handshake will tell her a lot. Hold her outstretched hand with both of your hands firmly but vigorously and the firmness of your handshake will tell her that you are getting attracted to her.

3. The brush, tap and swing technique.
Brush her arms oh so lightly every time you get the chance. Tap her flippantly on the shoulder when she says something funny or just to call her attention to what you are saying. And lastly, find the chance to swing her head closer to your shoulder when she makes an outrageous comment.

4. The act like a helpless child technique.
All older women, whether single, married, widowed, divorced or whatever their status, most often than not will reveal their motherly instincts on certain occasions. Acting like a helpless child will bring out this motherly instinct and will give you the chance to become closer to her. This will endear you to her and attract her to you in the end.

5. The treat her delicately technique.
This technique is applicable to most women and would, most of the time, make an older woman swoon over you. Make her feel like you are always there: ready to help her out of the car, opening doors for her or holding on to her elbow as you walk together.

6. The forget her age technique.
Often, the reason why an older woman is turned off by the advances of a younger man is because she becomes too aware of the age difference. Forget her age and treat her like your age by asking her to join you in places you frequent. Bringing her with you will also show you if she will be ready to go into a relationship with you. She will either be able to accept your lifestyle or not at all.

Whether it is love, attraction, plain lust or magnetism for an older woman, it is still a real challenge to attract an older woman and to ultimately to date a cougar. Subtlety will surely bring you the woman you desire.

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